Dash, BlockCypher combine to increase enterprise integration

Cryptocurrency Dash has partnered with BlockCypher to make it easier to integrate with Dash and to integrate backend blockchain infrastructure. A Blockchain Web Services provider, BlockCypher works with Deloitte and the United States Department of Homeland Security.

“The partnership with BlockCypher is a prerequisite for mainstream adoption and enterprise-scale integration by institutions,” Dash VP of business development Daniel Diaz said. “Having a trusted, industry proven API service provider is a huge win for the Dash community.”

The deal allows Dash to be used for payments, exchange services, wallets, e-commerce, and digital asset trading industries.

“Dash is an example of how alternative cryptocurrencies are addressing new market needs,” BlockCypher CEO Catheryne Nicholson said. “For example, Dash’s governance model preempts the gridlock that protocols such as Bitcoin are facing. Its structure of voting and investment provide a unique way of driving improvements.”

“Wallets, merchants and exchanges have a choice to either run nodes or work with an API service to implement Dash, and merchants can seamlessly integrate it as a method of payment without needing to know the complicated tech behind it,” Mr. Diaz added. “Think of it like this: Dash is one side of the river bank, and big business is the other. The water in between is a swirling mass of independent software stacks, interfacing tools, servers, nodes, libraries, technical jargon and confusion that looks far too dangerous to cross. BlockCypher is the bridge.”