C-Suite Network to offer FutureVault Digital Collaborative Vault

C-Suite Network announced this week it now offers FutureVault’s Digital Collaborative Vault, aka the “C-Suite Vault” as a premier, value-added service to its network of c-suite executives.

The C-Suite Vault is a cloud-based information management platform allowing for secure depositing, storage and management of financial, legal and personal documents. A key feature is the patent-pending Trusted Advisors feature which facilitates the sharing and fiduciary tracking of documents. A digital trail of document use is created.

Other components include bank-grade security, proprietary Optical Character Recognition and smart-filing technology, a pre-configured filing structure with 1,300 suggested folders and search functionality.

“Access to vital documents is not always easy for busy executives, as they have a complex network of advisors, attorneys, accountants and bankers, resulting in mounds of paper with no time to organize,” C-Suite Network chairman Jeffrey Hayzlett said. “FutureVault understands the needs of our members and with the most robust, secure vault available, we are certain that our members’ lifestyle and business needs will be met.”

“C-Suite Network has recognized a critical gap in how C-level executives need to organize their complex business and personal lives,” FutureVault executive chairman G Scott Paterson said. “FutureVault’s intelligent filing system and unique collaboration features with Trusted Advisors allow for the management of documents and information to be outsourced, optimized and organized.”

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