Chargebacks911 rebrands in Europe as The Chargeback Company


Online chargeback management and dispute resolution company Chargebacks911 is now known in Europe as The Chargebacks Company. It will still be known as Chargebacks911 outside of Europe.

The company will still be known as Chargebacks911 in North America, Australia and elsewhere outside of Europe.

“The name Chargebacks911 originated because we served as an ‘emergency hotline’ for American businesses who were victimised by chargeback fraud (also referred to as ‘friendly fraud’),” cofounder and COO Monica Eaton-Cardone said, “911 is the equivalent of the UK’s 999 or Europe’s 112 – it’s how you reach first responders.

“But now we’re much more than just a hotline: We offer a full range of chargeback services for merchants, acquirers and issuers. Whether it’s temporary help or long-term strategy, we deliver both scale and scope.”

In a release the company said online merchants lose more than £80 billion each year due to chargebacks, a sum growing by 20 per cent every year. In 2016 they safeguarded more than 2.4 billion online transactions in 87 countries.