ThreatMetrix/Gemalto partnership to enhance fiserv authentication

ThreatMetrix and Gemalto are combining their authentication and digital identity solutions to provide comprehensive authentication for financial services companies.

Gemalto’s authentication solutions and the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network will protect companies from external threats while maintaining a user-friendly approach.

“Authenticating digital identities has become essential for the financial services industry,” ThreatMetrix SVP of field operations Pascal Podvin said. “This allows financial institutions to deliver superior customer experiences while driving online revenue growth. Crucially, this also prevents massive losses from rising fraud attacks, particularly in cases of identity spoofing.”

“Combining ThreatMetrix capabilities with Gemalto’s rich set of authentication solutions enables banks to optimize the balance between user experience, trust and security,” Gemalto SVP, ebanking and ecommerce Hakan Nordfjell said. “We also help them comply with the latest regulations such as the Regulatory Technical Standards of PSD2. For banks, this will facilitate in higher adoption of digital banking across their customer base, as well as target a reduction of both false acceptance and rejection rates.”


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