CrowdfundX used AI to power first crowd financed NYSE IPO

Fintech marketing firm CrowdfundX today launched Dara, the semi-autonomous artificial intelligence engine that allows issuers to acquire retail investors at scale. Designed by CrowdfundX Chief Scientist Eddie Ibanez, Dara works across investor marketing channels to optimize paid, earned and owned marketing activities.

“Dara is the unequivocal answer to outdated, ineffective, offline investor relations (IR) programs,” CrowdfundX CEO Darren Marble said. “Using a series of machine learning algorithms, Dara finds signals, and when decoded, directs investor targeting, cross-channel marketing, media buying, and facilitates marketing attribution for our issuer clients.”

Darren Marble

CrowdfundX was the marketing firm beyond medical robotics company Myomo’s successful IPO. They also supported Elio Motors and Ronn Motor Group.

“Our team has gained proprietary insights by marketing some of the industry’s most dynamic and successful campaigns,” Mr. Marble said. “As a result of our experience, we were in a unique position to develop groundbreaking investor marketing technology – and we acted on the opportunity.” 

Mr. Ibanez joined CrowdfundX in January after selling his company Zenabi Analytics to a Fortune 500 technology company that employed his custom AI marketing platform.

“This technology, paired with applying elements of theoretical physics, will lead to a revolution of predicting the future outcomes of events,” Mr. Ibanez said. “The capital markets are being disrupted, and we see IR and fundraising behind the curve so we have pioneered new technologies to change that.”

Mr. Ibanez said CrowdfundX learned lessons on the Myomo campaign that will benefit future clients.

“Myomo was a challenging campaign to market. Since there was no existing customer base to market Myomo’s offer to, we were forced to innovate. The technology behind Dara is designed to help issuers who don’t have a built-in affinity group effectively identify and acquire retail investors with a positive ROI.”

In a release CrowdfundX said Dara aggregates and analyzes retail investor behavioral and demographic data to become more effective over time. It is available to select public and private companies via a SaaS licensing and delivery model. Email [email protected] for more information.

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