HyperChain Capital to partner with, invest in CoinDash

HyperChain Capital announced this week it will collaborate digital assets social media platform CoinDash. In addition to advice and support of CoinDash’s expected July ICO, HyperChain Capital will also make a strategic investment in CoinDash.

CoinDash allows investors to create and maintain their crypto assets and communicate with other investors. HyperChain Capital is a digital assets hedge fund focusing on blockchain companies and ICOs.

“HyperChain Capital’s team have extensive experience in investing in blockchain technology companies and have advised and invested in numerous successful ICO’s including; ICONOMI, iEx.ec, Gnosis and Golem, to name a few,” founder Stalin Balta said. “CoinDash’s team is one of the best in the industry and we believe that its platform is set to be the future of digital assets trading, making it an ideal investment for HyperChain.”

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