Florida bank using NYMBUS technology to improve digital banking experience

Often the easiest way for banks to quickly establish an effective digital presence is by employing complete solutions from companies like NYMBUS.

Florida’s Surety Bank has chosen SmartCore, the cloud-based core platform from NYMBUS, to digitally transform its banking operations. SmatCore provides single, digital quality experiences for clients while simplifying back-end processes and workflows for employees. It combines all banking functions into one system to enable a multi-channel consumer experience.

“Our clients want banking technology to be simple, efficient and easily accessible at any time, through any device,” Surety Bank CEO Ryan James said. “With NYMBUS, we see a partner to help us confidently replace antiquated systems from legacy vendors with a flexible, consumer-centric platform built with an open architecture and open APIs for easy integration with what matters most to our clients.

“Over the past 20 years, we have upgraded different products with our core and every step of the process has been excruciatingly painful, from delayed implementations and cost overruns to grossly missed expectations upon implementation.”

Surety Bank receives its own dedicated private cloud that offers security while being compliant with current industry standards.

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