Lisk releases Lisk Nano 1.0

Blockchain application platform Lisk has added Lisk Nano 1.0 to the main network. It is the first major release of a Lisk product and features a voting interface, forging center, and security enhancements including second passphrases.

“As the blockchain market continues to grow exponentially, Lisk is delighted to announce its first-ever major release, a key milestone for the platform,” Lisk Foundation president Max Kordek said. “Lisk Nano 1.0, which offers a streamlined user experience and enhanced performance, takes the crypto community a step closer to the innovative, safe, and seamless blockchain application platform outlined by Lisk since day one.”

Five updates have been released since Lisk Nano entered development. That is part of a deliberate strategy, Lisk Foundation vice president Oliver Beddows explained.

“At Lisk we follow semantic versioning, where we release carefully conducted updates only every four to six weeks. This gives us time to undergo rigorous testing and peer reviews along with a pool request system where we allow changes to be questioned by all parties before approval.”

Lisk enables users to build applications from scratch in JavaScript. The platform’s decentralized platform allows sidechains to be deployed and distributed onto the Lisk blockchain. Lisk Nano is now supported on Mac OSX, Windows 7/8/10 and all distributions of Linux.

The Lisk Nano 1.0 news comes days after the company released Lisk Core 0.9.0 to the main network, the last step before Lisk Core 1.0 arrives later this summer.

“Lisk 0.9.0 provides the bridge for 1.0.0 by improving code quality and readability, management of logs, implementing Redis and providing a solid foundation for continuous integration,” Mr. Beddows said.

For a complete list of changes, visit the Lisk GitHub.

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