Veem announces QuickBooks Online integration

Small business global payments facilitator Veem today announced a new integration with QuickBooks Online which will simplify international payments for QuickBooks users. Those companies can automatically synchronize vendor bills in QuickBooks with Veem for international money transfers.

“The Veem platform is an essential tool for any small and medium business paying international vendors,” Sherill Saxer, president of Veem client Dolphin Enterprises, said. “Connecting Veem International Payment Platform with QuickBooks Online is an essential feature that will simplify international payments further by eliminating double entries and possible human errors.”

Once bills are entered into QuickBooks, the payment is automatically sent to Veem, which converts (if necessary) and delivers in the appropriate form. Exchange rates and currency and transaction information are visible to the user.

“Part of Veem’s mission is to support the network of small businesses that help prop up the global economy,” Veem founder and CEO Marwan Forzley said. “QuickBooks’ network of accountants and financial professionals represent many of these small businesses, and we look forward to leveraging that network for distribution so we can continue to bolster small businesses across the globe.”