PerformLine improves brand safety capability

Automated compliance solution provider PerformLine has made some enhancements to the brand safety rule set within its compliance monitoring platform. The move follows a recent spike in brands appearing in off-brand, inappropriate or illegal places.

PerformLine uses automated content monitoring technology to watch everywhere a brand appears, and looks for incidents of fake news, hate speech, brand infringement, negative sentiment and unapproved use.

“In addition to regulatory compliance, we’ve been helping companies monitor for brand safety since our inception in 2007, and it’s never been more important,” PerformLine CEO Alex Baydin said. “We know how easy it is these days for brands to be misrepresented online or misaligned with inappropriate content and our technology makes it easier for marketers to protect their brands from these potentially damaging issues.”

The company’s latest features include brand infringement, reputation management and blocked vendor monitoring.

“Our technology provides advertisers a solution to the mounting brand safety issues in the marketplace,” CRO David Morgan, said. “Our platform has been so well received that marketing and compliance teams are seeing a 95 per cent reduction of costs when using PerformLine’s brand monitoring platform versus a full-time employee to review URLs.”