Even Financial launches new marketplace

Supply-side API and platform for online commerce Even Financial this week launched its Real Time Pricing (RTP) Programmatic Marketplace. Through the use of proprietary data, machine learning and predictive algorithms, the RTP creates a new marketplace with in-app, online advertising and performance marketing pricing models for financial institutions and affiliates.

The features are meant to improve the user experience, monetization and transparency of online financial services advertising. Through the use of an RTP plug-in, users can run native, personalized financial services offers. A key element of the RTP technology is a pricing model providing a unique, consumer-specific payout event for each offer based on that offer and consumer intent. It shuns the cost per click model and reduces risk by moving the payout event.

“Even Financial’s Real Time Pricing technology is addressing some of the key challenges currently facing the financial services online advertising market, specifically with in-app placements,” Even Financial cofounder and CEO Phillip Rosen said. “Our pricing model revolutionizes our partners’ ability to monetize their content by leveraging our platform’s data to serve specific, tailored offers that integrate directly with account onboarding. This ultimately improves both the user experience and conversion rates, benefiting all sides of the transaction.”

The predictive technology allows product options to be placed in front of those with the highest conversion probability. It is based on actual user data and allows the underwriting decision to focus on which ads to show to which customers.