Acorns/Clarity Money partnership to enhance both apps

Micro-investing app Acorns is partnering with Adam Dell’s Clarity Money in a deal that adds value to both sides.

A personal finance app, Clarity Money will allow its users to easily become Acorns investors and use the automated investing features and Found Money, a cash forward rewards program which sees money deposited into their account when they shop at such partner brands as Casper, Dollar Shave Club, Nike, Warby Parker, and Airbnb. Clarity Money employs data science and machine learning to provide personalized customer insights.

Acorns will be embedded into the Clarity Money app, and investors can view snapshots of their activity in the Clarity Money app.

“We love coming together with partners who, like us, spend all day thinking about their customers’ best interests,” Acorns CEO Noah Kerner said. “Clarity has built a wonderful product founded on very similar values to which we subscribe.”

“Acorns empowers consumers to become investors, which is an important step in financial health. We are delighted to offer this solution to our customers,” said Adam Dell, CEO and Founder of Clarity Money.

Both apps can be downloaded on any smartphone device and are available on iOS. Acorns is also available as an Android and web app.

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