ATM lets bitcoin buffs get their crypto much “Sooner”

Oklahoma has its first bitcoin ATM.

The machine, located in the southwestern section of Oklahoma City at the Speed Mart 1 on 3462 SW 29th St., was placed by Coinsource.

“We are thrilled to give the people of Oklahoma City cheap and easy access to our generation’s hottest asset,” CEO Sheffield Clark said. “The trend we’ve noticed over the last six months is holding true; more people are leaving behind the complexity of digital asset exchanges and opting to buy and sell bitcoin at physical, conveniently placed machines. While we plan to install many more here, and in neighbouring Tulsa, the first machine is strategically located midway between the city center and the Will Rogers International Airport.”

Sheffield Clark

Sheffield Clark

Cryptocurrencies are a solution for the nation’s unbanked and underbanked. The Oklahoma placement is good news for a state with one of the lowest median household incomes in the United States, Mr. Clark said.

“Coinsource will always find ways to service the underbanked and unbanked; it’s a major part of our business culture, our beliefs, and why we started the company in the first place. It gives us a deep sense of personal pride knowing we can provide a valuable service to people in the lower income bracket, and let them invest in an industry on the rise.”

Coin source has 121 machines spread across California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Arizona.