Even Financial announces new tool

Online, consumer financial products and services supply-side API and platform Even Financial launched its Programmatic Compliance Tool this week. It allows online financial services institutions to simplify marketing efforts and compliance across all 50 states.

“To lawfully operate across these markets, online financial services organizations must monitor compliance for each individual market,” Even Financial said in a statement. “This is a cumbersome, expensive process that is now automated and made more affordable with Even Financial’s Programmatic Compliance Tool.”

“As we’ve been operating our supply-side platform, we noticed that organizations were having to take on burdensome tasks in order to maintain marketing efforts across the online landscape,” cofounder and CEO and co-founder Phillip Rosen said. “We decided that technology, if properly designed, could unload marketers of those tedious tasks, all the while improving compliance, lowering costs and allowing organizations to expand the reach of their campaigns through affiliates without sacrificing adherence to these strict guidelines.”

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