Celent report describes uses for Japanese BOJ-NET Funds Transfer System

Celent’s newest report explains how the Japanese BOJ-NET Funds Transfer System may contribute to an open innovation platform. The Road to an Open Payment Platform: Making the Most of BOJ-NET was written by Eiichiro Yanagawa, a Senior Analyst with Celent’s Banking practice.

“The Bank of Japan and settlement service operators have worked to revise designated-time net settlement (DTNS) for domestic exchange settlement as well as foreign exchange settlement to introduce delivery versus payment for Japanese government bond (JGB) settlement, corporate bonds, and mutual funds,” Mr. Yanagawa said. “Moving forward, the shortening of the settlement period for JGBs and other changes are expected to have wide-ranging impacts on individuals and entities with stakes in the money and securities markets.

“Payment services that go beyond market or system change and instead go the extra mile to offer customers a true and new service for the sake of service will emerge.”

Using JGBs on a Global Basis 

Source: BOJ, Celent