ICO Event Moscow a deep dive into ICOs

Smile-Expo’s next cryptocurrency-themed event takes place in Moscow on Sept. 20. ICO Event Moscow is intended for investors and those planning to launch their own ICO projects. It is an offshoot of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow.

More than 10 speakers have been confirmed for three streams dedicated to investors, marketing analytics and startups. They included software developers, successful ICO participants, and cryptocurrency specialists.

The main topics that will be discussed at the ICO event Moscow:

  • ICO and IPO: comparison, peculiarities;
  • regulatory framework for ICO;
  • benefits and risks of investing in crowdsales;
  • technical issues during the preparation and creation of ICOs;
  • how to present ICOs to investors;
  • notorious projects: success stories;
  • analysis of the current ICO market;
  • prospects of the industry.
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