SONM updates platform

Blockchain powered, universal fog supercomputer SONM has updated its platform by integrating a new “Discovery Algorithm.”

Part of SONM’s protocol, the Discovery Algorithm allows hubs and miners to operate in a unified network without the knowledge of a direct IP address. That process is assisted by a bootstrap node, also announced today, which is a startup node connecting hubs and miners on the platform.

Instead of an IP address, the Discovery Algorithm is supported by online bootstrap nodes operating on dedicated servers which use IP addresses hard-coded within the SONM client. It is built upon the Whisper Protocol, a secure, peer-to-peer communication protocol used in the Ethereum network for DApps that allows nodes to communicate with each other.

“We are very excited to launch the Discovery Algorithm, a progressive technology that will enhance the capabilities of the SONM platform,” SONM CEO Sergey Ponomarev said. “Before the launch of our Discovery Algorithm, miners were required to know the exact IP address of the hub node in the network to manually set up an application, a task, requiring technical skills and time, which could and should be automated. With the Algorithm, however, this process runs automatically, which represents an important step in SONM’s technical development that will significantly improve efficiency.”

SONM made additional improvements, including augmenting the configuration ability with YAML format configuration files. Often used for configuration files with additional applications in data storage and transmission, YAML is a data serialization language allowing for comments while preserving hierarchical structure. Its inclusion allows users to save settings to a file without the need to create command line arguments for every hub or miner launch.

The SONM platform also now includes metrics collection for transfers from miners to hubs and the ability to restrict resources available to containers inside miner host machines. Both will foster better communication between miners and hubs.

SONM code is now completely stored on Github instead of multiple repositories

“These critical updates to the SONM network demonstrate the significant progress that the team has made toward its mission of developing a universal fog supercomputer powered by blockchain,” Mr. Ponomarev said. “The team is continually working to improve the usability and efficiency of the SONM platform, and remains confident that this will be the first of many developmental breakthroughs that will enhance the functionality of this innovative protocol.”

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