Jaxx, Cofound.it unite to grow digital securities

Multi-asset digital wallet Jaxx and cryptocurrency crowdsale platform Cofound.it have joined forces in a bid to help grow digital securities.

Together they will identify, support and promote promising blockchain projects. Those approved by Cofound.it are automatically approved for Jaxx wallet integration. Cofound.it project currencies will be directly integrated into Jaxx’s infrastructure.

“Jaxx is committed to offering the best technologies to our users and giving them the ability to make frictionless conversions within the app, thanks to our partner network,” Jaxx and Decontrol founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio said. “Jaxx’s partnership with Cofound.it gives a stamp of approval to the currencies and projects hosted and trading within our ecosystem. We are confident that through our partnership with Cofound.it, Jaxx will help to bring greater stabilization and further growth to the entire blockchain community via our universal command center for universal technologies which is needed to mature the nascent crypto market.”

As crowdsales become more popular proper evaluation will be key to maintaining trust, the companies said. Cofound.it hopefuls undergo a selection process including in-person meetings to ensure they follow best practices.

“Blockchain technology is a game-changer, letting exceptional startups with disruptive ideas connect directly with potential users and partners with differing levels of experience and technical sophistication,” Cofound.it cofounder and CEO Jan Isakovic said. “Cofound.it recognizes Jaxx as the market’s preferred multi-blockchain wallet and is delighted to recommend it to all the innovative projects that come to us for our expertise in crowdsales. This will mean the crypto community has immediate access to hold, transmit, and swap some of the world’s best cryptocurrencies natively and securely within their Jaxx wallet.”

In addition to Cofound.it, Santiment, Musiconomi, Maecenas, Digital Assets Power Play, and X8currency will launch directly into the Jaxx wallet.

Jaxx expects to soon announce a platform expansion that will allow users to interact with dozens of additional integrations, tokens, and coins.

“With a shared long-term vision to provide services that support the entire blockchain ecosystem, Jaxx and Cofound.it are accelerating the process of bringing the world’s most innovative decentralized technology projects into the mainstream,” Mr. Di Iorio said.

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