Bo Brustkern

NSR Invest, LendingRobot announce merger

Two of the alternative lending industry’s largest specialized alternative lending registered investment advisors have merged.

NSR Invest and LendingRobot became one after the former’s parent company Lend Core LLC purchased Algorithmic, Inc., owners of Lending Robot. NSR Invest cofounder and CEO Bo Brustkern will serve as CEO of the new entity.

The two will combine their algorithms, machine learning and blockchain technologies to serve more than 8,000 clients. For the time being the sites will operate separately as the company focuses on the LendingRobot Series, an alternative lending robo-fund providing investors with diversification and liquidity across real estate, small business and consumer lending platforms. It uses blockchain technology to securely publish an Ethereum-notarized immutable ledger.

Bo Brustkern (left) and Emmanuel Marot celebrate the merger of their companies.

“We have long respected the work of the LendingRobot team and recognize that our companies are pursuing a common goal,” Mr. Brustkern said. “That is, to provide a unifying investment solution for the millions of investors worldwide who seek the attractive, uncorrelated, diversified returns that alternative lending can provide. With this combination of our firms, we are bringing enhanced capabilities to our combined client bases today, with big plans for the future.

“A shining example of the kind of innovation that we will emphasize is the Lending Robot Series Fund, which provides customization, liquidity and diversification to investors through a novel, elegant, low-cost fund structure.”

“NSR and LendingRobot have taken different tracts to provide similar services,” LendingRobot cofounder and CEO Emmanuel Marot said. “Now is the perfect time to combine our complementary strengths. The combination of LendingRobot’s advanced technology and NSR’s extensive knowledge of this industry puts us in the best position to provide superior investment advice in the alternative lending space for both individual and institutional investors”.

Mr. Marot becomes a special advisor to the new company.

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