Sweetbridge Foundation announces blockchain-powered Liquid Value Alliance

The non-profit Sweetbridge Foundation, created to leverage blockchain technology to power global supply networks, has joined with a group of companies to create the Liquid Value Alliance. Its goal is to solve solve complex global commerce challenges and promote faster, fairer trade in extended multi-enterprise supply chains and value networks.

Joining the Sweetbridge Foundation are Synerzip, iprotus, PreVisionX, CoinFund, MereoWachsman PR and the Crypto Valley Association.

Texas’ PreVisionX is a mobility-as-a-service platform that will allow the Liquid Value Alliance to drive its vision of decentralized global economy by combining mobile control, visibility and efficiency to coordinate workflows in sectors such as transportation. Based in Zug, Switzerland, iprotus is a blockchain development group that will help prevent fraud by providing an immutable provenance record. Synerzip provides engineering technology and services.

“Sweetbridge is proud to announce key partnerships with some of the most significant players in the blockchain, logistics, and technology spaces,” chairman and CEO Scott Nelson said. “As we establish a decentralized network that addresses some of the most gaping economic deficiencies in global value chains, our aim is to bring together the most innovative and sophisticated companies that also understand the immense benefits that blockchain can provide to industry.

“We are confident that the skills and expertise of our partners will prove to be an invaluable asset as we work toward building a global, liquid supply chain network.”

CoinFund is a blockchain technology research company and crypto asset investment vehicle. Mereo provides marketing and sales assistance while Wachsman PR is noted for their work with digital currency and blockchain companies.

“Together we are building modern trading ecosystems that add value from any product’s origin through its manufacture, delivery, and consumption,” Sweetbridge president of alliances Mac McGary said. “A liquid value network comprised of many autonomous partners provides the most efficient flows of products, money, and information required to produce, sell, and deliver a product.”

Sweetbridge will use blockchain technology to address deficiencies in global value chains, beginning with a global supply chain and logistics system valued at $54 trillion. Those issues include resource underutilization, capital and talent use inefficiencies, working capital illiquidity and disruption.

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