NetElement adds instant messenger payment module

NetElement announced today its subsidiary PayOnline has launched a payment acceptance module for Telegram, Viber, Facebook and VK.

The development is possible due to a collaboration with Botmother, a cross-platform allowing users to set up chatbots on the instant messaging services with needing to know coding or programming.

In a statement NetElement said chatbots reduce customer support requests by up to 80 per cent while providing opportunities share news and offers.

“Chat-bots can be created for different purposes: to reduce the cost of customer support, improve corporate image or to increase sales,” Botmother co-creator Sergey Budyakov said. “We at Botmother believe that bots with sales functions are the most useful technology application. This is a new automated channel for selling products and services where users spend a large part of their time in instant messengers.

“We are glad that our colleagues at PayOnline decided to offer their customers such a service using our designer platform. We believe that the future is for bots that will save entrepreneurs from routine and simplify the lives of ordinary people. We plan to create new tools for developing the next generation of bots for smart devices such as smart glasses, smart contact lenses and other devices enhanced with artificial intelligence. We are ready to adapt and are confident that our design will be suitable for most bot platforms of the future – along with payments via PayOnline.”

NetElement said the incorporation of chatbots into instant messenger applications is a grow opportunity which will be available to more than 4.1 billion people by the end of the decade.