Paolo Tasca joins SONM advisory board

Digital economist Paolo Tasca has joined the board of advisors of universal fog supercomputer SONM. The founder and executive director of University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies will advise on business development.

“We are very proud to have Paolo join our board of advisors,” CEO Sergey Ponomarev said. “As a distinguished blockchain expert and advisor to other illustrious blockchain projects, Paolo’s knowledge will help guide the development of SONM’s decentralized computing network and bring us closer to our vision of becoming a secure and cost-effective way to run general purpose computing workloads.

“His academic connections will also serve an asset to SONM as we seek to develop closer relationships to research and development efforts in the distributed computing space. With his remarkable track record in the blockchain and finance spaces, Paolo is the perfect fit to join our advisory team.”

Paolo Tasca

Mr. Tasca was the lead economist for digital currencies and peer-to-peer lending at Deutsche BundesBank and has advised the European Union parliament and the United Nations on blockchain technology. He has been published in the Harvard Business Review and co-authoredThe FinTech Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Visionaries.

“I am incredibly honored to join the SONM project, one whose innovative vision I strongly believe in,” Mr. Tasca said. “The possibilities unlocked by the connections between billions of people and smart devices will rapidly progress our collective processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge. In this period of extraordinary connectivity and digital transformation, SONM’s distributed cloud technology will allow for the processing of a nearly infinite amount of data streamed from many sensors and connected devices.”

“(Mr. Tasca’s) background in peer-to-peer financial systems will prove an invaluable asset as we seek to minimize marginal costs and build beneficial economic relationships on the SONM marketplace,” Mr. Ponomarev said. “Paolo’s proven ability in detecting macroeconomic trends and developing and implementing sustainable business models will serve as an asset to SONM as the company scales during a period of rapid growth and transformation in the blockchain industry as a whole.”