Cindicator crowdsale to deliver AI to financial forecasting

Cindicator is preparing for its token crowdsale, the next stage in the fintech company’s goal of bringing increased accuracy to financial forecasting.
The company correlates analyst predictions from 135 countries and employs machine learning algorithms to provide institutional investors with data forecasts. The model works for both traditional and cryptomarkets.

Cindicator said the platform mixes trading strategies, human forecasts and buy/sell signals with a machine learning model that includes cleaning, clustering methods, linear regressions, Bayesian models, xgboost on decisive trees, genetic algorithms, and neural networks to improve forecast accuracy.

“In 2015, traders spent over $50 billion on financial market data, of which $4 billion was spent on predictive analytics,” Cindicator CEO Mike Brusov said. “By 2020 this figure will increase approximately 6x. Combining crowd intelligence with a machine learning model based on a variety of dynamic feedbacks, Hybrid Intelligence can provide the market with unprecedented forecasting accuracy.” 

Seed Investment and CND Token Sale

Cindicator has also raised $500,000 in seed funding. Led by returning investor Evgeny Medvednikov, the round also attracted former Megaton CTO Igor Shirokov and banker Michael Shtepman. The funds will be allocated to platform development and new business model creation.

The CND token pre-sale runs Sept. 12-Oct. 12. All tokens will be issued on Ethereum Blockchain by the ERC20 token standard. The price is $0.01 fiat price equivalent with payment accepted in BTC, ETH, ETC, and LTC. The maximum raise is $15 million.

The tokens will be placed on exchanges but cannot be sold to residents of the United States, Singapore or any other country where the sale needs to be registered as a security.

Token holders access level to Cindicator information is based on how many tokens they own which itself is influenced by the holder’s role in the ecosystem.

“By issuing CND infrastructure tokens we provide the community a new tool for accessing predictive financial forecasting,” Cindicator COO Artem Baranov said. “It allows us to ensure that the next step is taken towards utilizing all products and capacities of Hybrid Intelligence and creating infrastructure needed to make effective decisions under volatile conditions of the new economy.”

To learn more about CND token sale, read our whitepaper.

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