Content blockchain platform Cappasity preparing for crowdsale

Startup Cappasity is preparing for a $50 million token crowdsale in support of an AR/VR blockchain ecosystem facilitating AR/VR/3D content and distribution. The sale begins in late September and runs for four weeks.

The company wishes to expand the platform with blockchain technology and power it via the ARToken (ART), a virtual currency for trading the content within the ecosystem.

The system being developed allows 3D content creators and distributors to monetize and share their work on the tokenized ecosystem. Developers can embed their content into web stores and mobile apps. The analytic Cappasity AI handles customer interactions with 3D and creates a heat map for every digitized product. Cappasity is also compatible with AR/VR devices and provides content creators with tools, SDK and plugins.

“The implemented 3D imaging integrations with top luxury retailers have shown a major conversion increase by as much as 30-40 per cent with tens of thousands of products imaged in 3D,” founder and CEO Kosta Popov said. “Cappasity now gives a unique opportunity to stand at the origins of the AR/VR content revolution with AR utility tokens (ART) fueling the whole ecosystem.

“3D content is going to drive multiple verticals, such as gaming, entertainment, retail, art, education, and health. Users, developers and businesses are going to benefit from 3D imagery creation, embedding and trading, while Cappasity leverages blockchain aims to become the global 3D/AR/VR content exchange ecosystem for each player.”

Mr. Popov added ARTs are earned by creating and sharing content. They can be spent on buying or renting that content. Seventy per cent of tokens will be provided to crowdsale participants with the remainder allocated to founders’ long-term endowment and early contributors.

Cappasity has attracted $1.8 million in VC and angel investment so far.

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