Sweetbridge introduces advisory board

A non-profit organization using the blockchain to power a new global supply chain has introduced its board of advisors.

The Sweetbridge Foundation said the group will use its combined technical, business, economic and legal experience to guide them in creating a liquid value network.

The members include:

Harry Goodnight is the sales and marketing advisor. While leading sales for supply chain software company i2 Technologies, Mr. Goodnight helped grow annual revenue from $10 million to more than $1 billion in six years. He also founded Mereo, a firm which created go-to-market strategies for more than one dozen supply chain technology companies. Mr. Goodnight has also worked with Samsung, TRW, Toshiba, Frito-Lay, SONY, Intel, Raytheon, and Siemens.

Mark Whipple will advise on software architecture. He is a team leader at VMware, a cloud computing and platform virtual software company. His current duties include directing the technology arm of VMware’s hybrid cloud group that is creating micro-service based platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service products.

Mike Zargham is the director of Cross MediaWorks’ Data Science Team. He founded the group in 2015 and has helped grow it into one supporting several businesses with custom software. Cross MediaWorks is a multiplatform media services firm.

Vinayak Joglekar is the founder and CTO of Synerzip, a software development company. He grew Synerzip by attracting strong talent in India.

Aleksandr Bulkin is a cofounder and managing partner at blockchain technology research company CoinFund. He brings 13 years of experience developing pricing, risk management and high-frequency trading software for Goldman Sachs.

Kenny Rowe is operations head for MakerDAO. He has advised such blockchain projects as Rchain, Metamask, and Aragon.

Caroline Lynch owns Copper Hill Strategies, LLC. She spent 10 years working with the House Judiciary Committee, including eight as Chief Counsel of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

Warren Weber is a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and a research consultant for the Bank of Canada. He is also an advisor to crypto-economic startups like Storj, a decentralized, blockchain-based cloud storage program.

“In the blockchain space, a great team of advisors is critical to the process of aligning go-to-market and partnership efforts, and ultimately ensures the success of a project,” Sweetbridge chairman and CEO Scott Nelson said. “Our goal of building a global alliance for a liquid value network requires expert advice that covers all disciplines, including technical blockchain and development expertise, economic and crypto-economic theory, legal and regulatory understanding, and our roots in supply chain and logistics.”

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