UK cybersecurity firm VST Enterprises expand to 3 new continents

On the heels of a recent private investment, cybersecurity firm VST Enterprises has expanded to Asia Pacific, South Africa and Armenia.

VST said its VCode scannable code technology is designed to solve common issues in each region, including counterfeit goods in Hong Kong and China, eliminating African conflict minerals, and providing a virtual wallet for secure payments across mainland Europe from Armenia. VCode allows users to complete secure transactions with the wave of a mobile device. Global partners will apply that same technology to retail, ID, authentication and supply chain traceability throughout the fall.

“In the past year, we have aligned our business model to support international growth,” CEO Louis-James Davis said. “We are working together with corporations and governments to tackle some of the most pressing universal issues they face. We want to combat the counterfeit trade where it’s at its worst, reduce unethical and unsustainable production practices and increase financial inclusion globally. These will be key locations to dispatch VCode and achieve these goals.”