DJ Deadly Buda using Musicoin blockchain to quickly pay artists

DJ Deadly Buda is using the blockchain to easily pay the 15 artists contributing to his latest DJ mix.

Whenever “Rock the Blockchain” is played on Musicoin, the artists who created each of the 15 contributing tracks get paid within seconds.

“Basically, it’s a game-changer for any DJ-based music genre such as EDM, disco, house or hip-hop,” DJ Deadly Buda said.

Early in the morning on Aug. 13 Deadly Buda completed the integration of 19 smart contracts on the Musicoin blockchain and attached them to his DJ mix.

DJ Deadly Buda

The DJ mix format has been in a tenuous legal state since it first became popular four decades ago. Every single track contributing to a mix comes with its own permissions, licenses and administration. That deters many DJs from properly licensing their mixes, a decision that separates fans from the music and reduces revenue for artists, labels and the DJs.

“When I realized every song on the Musicoin system had its own payment address, I got as many people I knew that made great music to upload their tracks,” Deadly Buda said. “Then, I asked their permission if I could use their music in my mix.”

The revenue split is 40 per cent for the DJ and 60 per cent in equal shares to the tracks in the mix.

“I wanted to honor the DJs’ time and money expenditure, while at the same time leaving room for each song to make money, too.” Deadly Buda said.

The development is an important step for the app, but more are coming.

“In the very near future, there will probably be just a checkbox an artist can use that gives anyone on the system the right to mix their music so long as they get paid via a smart contract,” Deadly Buda said. “As soon as that happens, the system will be unstoppable and will benefit the established music industry and new artists alike.”

You can listen to the “Rock the Blockchain” mix here:

The mix contains 15 EDM tracks of various genres, hard electronic, dubstep, hardstyle, hard bass, jungle, drum and bass, hardcore techno, shamancore, tekno, and ambient, by artists Counterstrike, Satroniq & DJ Delirium, Teknoaidi, Subterranean, Cap, M27, Harhor and Deadly Buda.

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photos courtesy of Peter Vincent