CTF, hedge fund active in Cindicator token sale

Gibraltar-based  fintech startup Cindicator announced today that BitFin Capital and The Token Fund have purchased CND tokens and also deployed its technology in their analytics and trading departments.

Cindicator is developing a decentralized, community-driven infrastructure which harnesses collective and artificial intelligence to help traditional and crypto market participants make informed investment decisions.

BitFin Capital is a Cayman Islands-domiciled hedge fund specializing in the intersection of the blockchain and traditional economy. Token Fund is a coin-traded fund.

We are extremely impressed with the Cindicator team, technology, and accuracy of its crowdsourced predictive analytics products,” BitFIn Capital managing partner Dmitry Ufaev said. “In fact, we liked the product so much that in addition to becoming a client, we decided to purchase CND tokens ahead of the Token Sale.

“Cindicator has bright commercial future ahead.

Watching the market of crypto currencies today we see that it is mostly irrational, strongly driven by psychology, and therefore highly volatile,” Token Fund managing partner and fund manager Viktor Shpakovsky said. “Standard algorithms, like those borrowed from stock traders, simply don’t work here and we are in need of new solutions.

“In The Token Fund we believe that such solution lies on the intersection of a collective wisdom and AI, backed up with blockchain technologyWe see a big potential in the Cindicator project and look into its implementation for The Token Fund’s internal analytics tools.

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