ICOBox launches “Blockchain Jumpstarter”

ICOBox is turning to the crowd to help determine which projects get funded.

The “blockchain jumpstarter” platform allows the community to vote on those projects. In order to vote they must possess the ICOS token, which also provides an average discount of 75 per cent on future presales.

“When we started ICOBox, we found that while many entrepreneurs have the resources and capital to launch a blockchain project, many others do not,” ICOBox cofounder Mike Raitsyn said. “There are countless entrepreneurs with compelling ideas to push the industry forward, and we feel it’s our duty as part of the blockchain community to help them by providing a platform to jumpstart their ideas.”

The sale’s goal is to generate funds to help underfunded new projects progress with the ICOBox toolkit, a package including technological, legal and marketing assistance. Funded companies will consult with ICOBox advisors and receive turnkey solutions from ICOBox’s SaaS platform hose projects pre-screened by ICOBox which are selected by token holder vote receive free ICOBox tools in exchange for future tokens.

ICOBox’s goal is to help launch 800 new ICOs in the next year.