ai Corporation combats fuel card fraud

The ai Corporation is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to address the issue of fuel card use fraud. The suite of self-service products can identify and stop fraud before it occurs while reducing the impacts of card copying, swapping and skimming.

Fuel retailers can develop their own rule sets into any platform, including ai’s RiskNet.

“ai’s blend of fraud expertise and innovative machine learning technology has been proven to deliver stand-out benefits to the fuel card sector,” risk and client service director Matthew Attwell said. “In a sector that involves sophisticated issuing relationships, with high multiples of cards for a single customer account, machine learning has proven it can deliver the high degree of accuracy to match, and then beat, the fraudster.”

The SmartSuite package includes SmartScore, which creates neural models using AI and automated machine learning techniques to recognize patterns and trends. It can assign transaction risk scores that work in concert with user-defined rules and parameter mapping. Link Analysis visually represents common links in historical transaction data, a process that simplifies fraud analysis.

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