Stream a new alternative for content creators

A new video content delivery system developed by a team including Thiel fellow Ben Yu promises to provide a more equitable payment system for content creators.

Stream automatically distributes newly minted tokens directly to content creators based on how much they contribute to the ecosystem. Streamers can also anonymously accept payments with no platform lock-in.

“These innovations enable a fully decentralized system where content creators earn more, viewers pay less, and the industry is no longer dependent on advertising and big brand partnerships to survive,” Stream said in a statement. “In this system, viewers and creators will be able to connect directly in an ecosystem that isn’t controlled and exploited by centralized corporations, so that new and existing creators will be empowered to build lucrative careers by publishing quality content.”

Stream allows content creators to be paid without charging viewers or posting ads by employing a Delegated Proof of Stake to distribute new tokens to creators based on the success of their work. It also employs an anonymous micropayment system with multiple blockchain technologies. It runs on Ethereum,utilizes zk-SNARKs and Bolt, a payment channel protocol.

“Stream is the answer to the economic problem content creators have long faced: the inability to earn a fair living from their work,” Mr. Yu said. “For the first time ever, Stream allows video content creators to earn money directly from the success of their content, without a direct cost to viewers, and without the need to ‘sell out’ and succumb to advertising, corporate sponsorships, or affiliate deals.

“This is made possible by the creation of an Ethereum token that directly rewards content creators with new tokens in proportion to the popularity of the content they create.”

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