Dr. Mark Goldspink

The ai Corporation, Quattro unite to combat fraud with machine learning, human analysis

The ai Corporation is partnering with fraud detection and prevention services provider Quatrro to increase the former’s presence in the United States. American customers can now access The ai Corporation’s machine learning technology and its rules engine RiskNet along with Quatrro’s payment processing and analytics capabilities.

“Our partnership with Quatrro is a significant step forward for ai,” regional director for the USA Nick Walker said. “Expanding on our existing business in the Americas and providing a full-service solutions for the banking community to mitigate risk or fraud across any channel. Between The ai Corporation and Quatrro, we will be providing the technology and the human skills for analytic and review purposes. So, it is a true example of man and machine in the fight against fraud.”

“Quatrro has been at the forefront in providing best-in-breed payments and transaction processing services to banks in the United States for more than 10 years,” Quattro managing director and chairman Raman Roy said. “Through our partnership with The ai Corporation, we will be able to introduce its innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning models to more financial institutions.”

Dr. Mark Goldspink

“Modern fraudsters have evolved their ability to detect vulnerabilities in systems and are shifting their targets to those weak links,” The ai Corporation CEO Dr. Mark Goldspink said. “They are using new tactics too – distributed networks, big data and the dark web to locate vulnerabilities and maximize the associated risk. Fraudsters are also devising multidimensional tactics that inflict damage by sequentially compromising more than one point of vulnerability.

“AI, more specifically machine learning, can help organisations combat fraud in ways that just weren’t previously possible. It is an exciting time for businesses, with disruptive opportunities in virtually every market sector. Our ‘best of breed’ payment solutions are designed to takes the fight to fraudsters, irrespective of the channel, while helping our clients grow profitably. Between Quatrro and ourselves, our team of experts cover the full spectrum of risk management and business analytics across the globe.”

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