David Moskowitz

Indorse, bitJob to change job searching

Decentralized professional social network Indorse and blockchain-powered student employment marketplace bitJob hope to change how students gain experience and enter the job market.

bitJob is a blockchain-powered networking, payment, reward and incentive ecosystem where students build a Dynamic Portfolio Resume which can also be used to apply for graduate positions outside of the network. Employers can access this, and an applicant’s reputation profile, to select candidates.

By collaborating with Indorse, bitJob allows participating students to submit task completion documents proving success onto Indorse.

David Moskowitz

“Today we are witnessing a worrying trend emerge in entry level employment,” Indorse cofounder and CEO David Moskowitz said. “The level of experience necessary to secure entry level positions has increased, yet the opportunities for students and graduates to gain this much-required experience are not readily available.

“This partnership will provide students with the tools to position themselves at the forefront of incredibly competitive industries. bitJob is an incredibly innovative platform that links hard-working students to amazing opportunities, in an open and transparent way. The growth of the sharing economy has resulted in opportunities for many, bitJob is the first hybrid blockchain project that allows true peer-to-peer connection between employers and students.”

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