Gupta, Knight join Sweetbridge advisory group

The Sweetbridge Foundation has appointed Vinay Gupta and Rob Knight to its advisory group.

Mr. Gupta managed the initial launch of the Ethereum blockchain and was a strategic architect for ConsenSys Systems, a technology hub focusing on the Ethereum blockchain and related applications. He is a partner at Hexayurt Capital, a technology-focused VC firm behind the Internet of Agreements, a strategy for collaboration between policymakers and companies operating in the blockchain space.

Mr. Knight is also a partner at Hexayurt Capital and a cofounder of Mattereum, which deploys legally enforceable smart contracts to facilitate the sale, lease and transfer of physical properties and legal rights. He is also the CTO at Fluxus, a specialized consultancy for enterprise Drupal projects.

“Sweetbridge stands out as an exceptional blockchain project in a rapidly-growing and crowded space, and its singular mission and approach are the reasons why it is the first ERC-20 project that I have ever supported,” Mr. Gupta said. “I am impressed by its plan to solve long-standing and crucial issues in global supply chain management and its efforts to make meaningful and positive changes to the global economy. Rob and I are thrilled to be a part of a blockchain project of such unprecedented scope and vision, and we relish this opportunity to contribute to its success.”

Sweetbridge Foundation Founder David Henderson said: “We are very proud to welcome Vinay and Rob to the Sweetbridge Advisory Group,” Sweetbridge Foundation founder David Henderson said. “Their years of experience in the blockchain space will be critical to Sweetbridge as we seek to apply this technology to transform the economics of the supply chain space.”

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