Michael Casey joins CoinDesk as advisory board chair

Wall Street Journal reporter, author and digital currency advisor Michael J. Casey has joined CoinDesk as chairman of its advisory board.

Mr. Casey will build a board which will shape Consensus, CoinDesk’s blockchain-focused conference. He will also write a weekly column called The Token Economy and advise CoinDesk on how to expand its influence.

Michael J. Casey

“Blockchain technology is a platform for the global economy of the future, but its optimal development depends, among other things, on a trusted media playing a checking role,” Mr. Casey said. “I see CoinDesk, a clear leader in this field, playing that role through in-depth analysis, investigative reporting, and objective chronicling of the rising token economy. Together with an extraordinary team already assembled at CoinDesk, I am excited about lifting the world’s largest annual summit for blockchain technology, Consensusto even greater heights.”

Mr. Casey has advised governments and business on the use of digital currency and the blockchain in building sustainable digital economic models. His role at MIT includes incubating blockchain-related projects which have social impact and those benefiting the developing world.

“Now that we’ve moved into a more global, interconnected, and the digitally-run world, we need a system for intermediating the core economic challenge of trust that’s commensurate with that borderless economic structure,” Mr. Casey said. “Blockchain technology can play that role. And like any groundbreaking technology, especially one with a critical social dimension like this one, it needs a reliable translator to articulate accurate information and explore real-world applications with fair and critical investigative work.

“CoinDesk meets that Fourth Estate responsibility for blockchain technology.”