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Ambrosus hires chief product officer

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Ambrosus, the supply chain ecosystem backed by the Swiss government, has hired Dr. Vlad Trifa as chief product officer.

Dr. Trifa formerly headed Swisscom’s digital lab and product engineering at EVRYTHNG.

Angel Versetti

Angel Versetti, Ambrosus Co-founder and CEO said, “Given the high-level expertise required for a project of this magnitude, it is crucial for us to not only consult with experts on this matter but to also bring them onboard to become formally involved, and fully immersed in building the technology that will underpin this ecosystem,” Ambrosus cofounder and CEO Angel Versetti said.

“Vlad Trifa’s immense experience will help further drive the potential of our project as we make strides towards transforming traditional supply chains and commodity markets through the adoption of blockchain technology.”

“Ambrosus is developing the sophisticated technology and full-stack solutions required to meet the ever-increasing standards of transparency and reliability in global supply chains,” Dr. Trifa said.

“Ambrosus has developed a particularly disruptive and forward-thinking solution to the current issues omnipresent in our supply chains, setting the standards for innovation emerging within the industry.”

Dr. Trifa founded Web of Things, a community of developers, designers, and practitioners exploring the future of the physical web. He has a PhD in computer science from ETH Zurich and earlier worked in digital product manufacturing and industry 4.0 at SAP.

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