Ayden, Alipay offer payments solution for Chinese tourists

Payments platform Ayden and Alipay have partnered to allow retailers to accept non-cash, in-store payments from Chinese customers.

Alipay is used by more than 520 million people.

The move comes at the beginning of China’s National Day Golden Week when more than four million Chinese travel abroad and generate more than $337 million for UK retailers.

Souheil Badran

Retailers using Ayden’s POS system can take in-store payments from Chinese customers paying with their Alipay-enabled mobile device. The Ayden system is integrated into existing systems so no additional terminals are needed.

“Europe and the US are popular destinations for the Chinese tourists, so it’s vital that retailers are able to cater to their needs,” Alipay North America president Souheil Badran said. “Given the capabilities built into Adyen’s omnichannel service for retailers, as well as Alipay’s included marketing solution, we look forward to enhancing what it means to deliver an integrated retail solution for retailers.”

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