Blockchain banking startup BABB makes key hires

Blockchain-based banking startup BABB has named Jorge Pereira CTO and Adi Ben-Ari lead technical adviser.

The moves help the company prepare for its late November token sale.

Mr. Pereira founded digital product development agency Seegno where he remains an advisor. He leaves his CTO position and an executive vice presidency at fintech startup Uphold to join BABB. Mr.Pereira has experience with cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, regulatory compliance, KYC/AML, data analysis, security and risk mitigation.

Mr. Ben-Ari cofounded several blockchain startups including Applied Blockchain. He will provide advice on the delivery of a digital solution for BABB token buyers to pre-register and undergo KYC before the token sale and help develop the BABB app.

Built on blockchain technology and using biometrics to create digital identities for participants, BABB offers everyone in the world access to a UK bank accounts. It is based on a private permissioned blockchain implementation of a distributed ledger using smart contracts technology.


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