Mougayar, Sternberg, Hearn among initial group of DAA managers

Digital asset management platform ICONOMI announced this week William Mougayar, Arnold Sternberg and Kenny Hearn are among its first group of its series of digital asset array (DAA) managers.

Since fully opening for registration on Aug. 1 more than 24,000 users have deposited $101.6 million in digital assets on the ICONOMI platform.

William Mougayar

Mr. Mougayar is a general partner at Virtual Capital Ventures, a boutique-style, early-stage technology VC firm focusing on decentralized peer-to-peer technologies. He is an advisor to the Ethereum Foundation, Coin Center and

“It is a privilege to join ICONOMI as one of the first twelve new DAA managers joining Columbus Capital,” Mr. Mougayar said. “Those of us leading the vanguard will begin to bridge the gap between the traditional financial world and the crypto-asset space. The ICONOMI platform uniquely allows the creation of value from blockchain, professionalizing the world’s fastest growing industry by attracting talent and interest from the best of the institutional and tech worlds.”

Arnold Sternberg

Mr. Sternberg is the managing director of Cosmic Capital Holding GmBH. He has worked with Goldman Sachs and the Allianz Group and cofounded ProFounders, Kammerlander Sternberg & Cie, Vermögensverwaltung GmBH, and Aeris CAPITAL AG (now Calibrium AG).

“ICONOMI piqued my interest a little over one year ago while I was investigating efficient solutions that enable investors to access the quickly emerging blockchain industry,” Mr. Sternberg said. “I decided to closely monitor ICONOMI’s progress and, having met with their team, I became a great admirer of the project. I feel honoured to have been chosen to oversee and launch ‘Kryptonite CORE,’ my DAA, as one of the first DAA managers.”

Mr.Hearn has worked with Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Barnard Jacobs Mellett, and Coronation Capital.

“Today we welcome the highest calibre investors in the world of blockchain to join us and manage the first cadre of DAAs,” ICONOMI cofounder and CEO Tim M. Zagar said. “The carefully chosen group was selected from a pool of 150 applicants from all over the world, each of whom exceeded the most rigorous criteria, showcased deep knowledge and foresight in their proposed investment policies, demonstrated an understanding of optimal portfolio structures, and came armed with strong track records to substantiate their theoretical expertise.

“The introduction of DAA managers will further our mission to build a bridge between the old and the new economy.”