Should work be fun? Inject some excitement into your office and find out

The kind of business that you build, and the kind of boss that you are, will often be based on who you are as a person. Some people will want their offices to be productive, motivated, and hardworking. In fact, most people will. But the way that everyone attempts to achieve this will vary.

Because some will favour a stern approach to things and want to intimidate their staff into getting work done. But that’s not always the most effective attitude to take.

Although it may seem as if you’re letting things get too lax when you want to go with a more fun approach, it’s often the complete opposite. Because when you oppress people, you’re suppressing their abilities. However, when you give them freedom, encouragement, and the ability to be creative, they’re more likely to flourish. And it’s for that exact reasons that you should want to bring some fun into the workplace.

Set the right atmosphere

The most crucial part of the entire process is going to be finding the right atmosphere. Because if you really want to ensure that your office is a fun place to work, you can’t have a suppressive or scary atmosphere. In fact, the work environment that you facilitate really will determine how fun your employees find your business to work at. So you’re going to need to set a relaxed atmosphere if you want to encourage fun.

And the right layout

A big part of getting the atmosphere just right is going to be down to the layout. You may think that the way you set up the desks doesn’t really make a difference, but what you decide on can really set the tone of the space. So, if you want your teams to be able to collaborate and share ideas, you need to ensure that the layout allows this to happen, and doesn’t hinder it in any way.

Build breakout areas

From here, while you’ve got your office layout in mind, you might also want to think about adding in collaborative areas themselves. If you do want your staff to be able to share ideas and work on projects together, you need to have communal areas for them to do this in. Whether it’s a sofa area or a project room, you need to think about putting something in whenever you can.

Play Music

As a part of setting the right atmosphere, and just encouraging people to enjoy themselves and be creative anyway, you might want to play music. However, as you are a business, you will have to consider the music licensing for business laws before you just start to play your favourite tunes. This is particularly essential if you want to ensure that you’re operating within the law and don’t become involved in any lawsuits.

And even games

As well as music, you could also think about playing games too. Now, this isn’t going to be something that you do all day every day, but if you have a gaming pc in the office, it’s something that you can offer at lunchtimes, or even as a reward. Because your staff often want to know that they can relax when they’re at work, especially after working hard.

Set challenges

But you could also think about encouraging fun by motivating your employees too. And to do this, setting challenges is going to be the best way to not only get results create a lot of fun in the process. Whether they are sales based challenges, or spur of the moment things to come up with ideas, setting them in the first place is a great way to encourage a relaxed atmosphere.

And plan fun days out

Whether you do this as a part of the challenge, or just as a reward in its own right, you could think about planning some fun days out. Going go-karting, or horseback riding are great ideas for team building and boosting morale. So if you really want to ensure that you can create fun at work, days out should be a part of your arsenal.

Show respect and give thanks

And finally, you’re also going to want to make sure that you can show your employees that you respect them and that you’re grateful for all of their hard work. Showing your employees that you appreciate them is an important part of any office, and not just encouraging fun. But it is one of the simplest ways to ensure your company is a great place to work.

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