The lay of the land

We can spend a long time trying to get onto the property ladder, and when it comes to finding your ideal home, it is a very difficult task.

You may spend a lot of time going through various neighbourhoods to suit everybody’s individual needs, and still not find what you looking for.

So in this respect, it may be a better idea to buy vacant land and build a property on this. So, here are some handy tips if you are thinking about purchasing land.

Work with someone in the know

It is a totally different thing when you are purchasing land from agents in comparison to when you’re buying a home. It’s best to hire someone that has a lot of experience in negotiating deals in this respect.

Pick your area carefully

When you are choosing a plot of land, it’s always best to think about issues that may prove to be a nuisance further down the line. Things like running water or electricity may not figure at the top of your priority list because you take it for granted that these are already in place, but it’s not always the case. If you look at land like ranches, the scale is expansive but it may not lend itself well to road access. You can head here for more info on ranches, but when you are picking your land, it is the little things that you need to take into account depending on your lifestyle.

Don’t get friendly with the neighbours yet

The temptation is always to speak to the locals and get a feel for the area, but if you want to speak to potential future neighbours, they may be upset at the fact that the land near their home is not going to be as spacious as it once was. It is much better to wait until you’ve built on your land and moved in because if you discuss plans with your future neighbours, it might end up in a dispute before you’ve even laid the first brick.

Undertake the relevant tests

Much like when you do background research on a house, you need to test the land for issues like soil contamination or the potential for problems like flooding. In addition to this, you may want to have a surveyor look at the property a soon as its built, so the boundaries can be identified. There can always be disputes with regards to property lines, so it is best to have these issues ironed out at the outset.

Financial support can be difficult

Purchasing a plot of land in comparison to purchasing a house is completely different. Unfortunately, it’s more than likely you will have to pay cash and for a plot of land, unless you go for a construction loan, and this is because the house will serve as collateral for the loan.

For many, purchasing vacant land instead of a property can yield many benefits, but it can also cause many hardships, as well as additional stresses that you may not have taken into account. So before venturing down this path, take these points into consideration.

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