Matchpool to launch on Qtum, Ethereum

Qtum and Matchpool announced today Matchpool will launch on both Qtum and Ethereum.

A platform providing the first decentralized governance protocol and proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for smart contracts, more than 10 projects are being built on Qtum.

Owners can create monetizable communities on Matchpool and build engagement via incentive programs. They select custom business models to meet the needs of those communities, which can be embedded into websites and applications. Matchmakers earn rewards for facilitating connections.

Matchpool CEO Yonatan Ben Shimon

“By dual launching our platform on Ethereum and Qtum, we’ll be able to expand Matchpool’s presence in Asia, where the community is very active and supportive,” Matchpool CEO Yonatan Ben Shimon said. “I’m proud to be working with the exceptional team at Qtum as we usher in Matchpool’s next phase of growth.”

“We had an instant connection with Matchpool once we understood their value proposition,” Qtum cofounder Patrick Dai said.

“There will be great potential when this is combined with Qtum’s mobile smart contract capabilities.”