Token Report launches ICO database

A new database promises to bring together the largest amount of information ICOs so investors can conduct investment research on the investment vehicle.

Token Report has also launched Token Clarity. Available in private alpha, Token Clarity will provide ICO updates and research in a membership model.

Galen Moore

“The problem with the Wall Street model for financial research is that the more people see the research, the less valuable it is,” said Galen Moore, founder and CEO of Token Report.

“We’ve developed a token mechanics that defends investor edge for cryptocurrency’s high-growth mix of newcomers, early adopters and institutions.”

“The biggest problem for anybody trying to do this right now is that there are no standards for how information about tokenizations is presented,” New Alchemy managing director Peter Vessenes said. A blockchain and ICO advisory firm, New Alchemy is a lead investor in Token Report.

“I foresee hundreds of thousands of tokens in the future,” Mr. Vessenes continued. “One of the most valuable things we can have in a fast-growth industry is a safe, transparent source of knowledge.”