CEO Jan Isakovic partners with Ethfinex to build trust

Blockchain startup training platform is partnering with Bitfinex spinoff Ethfinex to strengthen trust between blockchain startups and crowdsale supporters.

The two will identify, support and promote the best blockchain projects through Priority Pass. projects crowdsale tokens will be listed on Ethfinex. The Ethfinex community can contribute to projects through Ethfinex.

“Since works with only the highest quality, legally compliant projects, Ethfinex can offer our users the ability to contribute directly to the trusted projects they support, and subsequently, make the tokens immediately available for trading,” Ethfinex project lead Will Harborne said.

“The due diligence required to uncover real quality in a space growing this fast is extremely difficult, and building these networks of trusted partners is one of the ways we will solve this problem.

CEO Jan Isakovic

“The other way is through the analysis and discussion section of Ethfinex, where our users can contribute to the continuous vetting of these projects.”

“Crowdsale projects have already raised more than $2 billion USD from supporters this year,” co-founder and CEO Jan Isakovic said.

“In this increasingly crowded market, the process of meticulously evaluating crowdsales is crucial to ensuring quality and trust in the overall ecosystem, making this collaboration incredibly valuable to the blockchain community. While projects and supporters will benefit from the enhanced token liquidity, Ethfinex supporters can gain access to some of the most highly-vetted projects on the market.”

Decentralized insurance and reinsurance marketplace Etherisc will be the first project to be listed on Ethfinex.

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