Rob Viglione

ZenCash, Welto to power crypto bill payments

Privacy coin ZenCash and cryptocurrency wallet bill payment app Welto are partnering to allow Welto to support ZenCash payments.

That will be accomplished via an integration with CoinPayments, a gateway system that converts cryptocurrency to fiat currency without using an exchange.

“We are incredibly excited that ZenCash will be integrated into the Welto platform,” ZenCash cofounder Rob Viglione said.

“As the first instance of ZenCash being used as a direct means of payment, without the need for conversion into another cryptocurrency or fiat currency, we believe that this is a critical step forward in making Zen more widely and easily accessible to a broader user base.

Rob Viglione

“We feel that ZenCash’s addition into a consumer platform like will showcase how it can improve the security and privacy of everyday transactions without sacrificing speed. We are confident that this integration will incentivize more users to adopt ZenCash not only as a store of value but also as a means of payment.”

Users can pay bills in ZenCash within 24-48 hours through the incorporation of their Zen wallets. ZenCash payments can also be tracked throughout. Spending monitors, bill payment scheduling, office finance management and Zen/USD exchange rate tracking (updated every 15 minutes) is also included.

“We are proud to incorporate ZenCash into the Welto platform,” Welto CEO Alex Pashkevych said. “From its launch in May, we have been impressed by the Zen team’s unique focus and technical sophistication that they applied to develop a cryptocurrency with enhanced privacy and security features. We feel that ZenCash is the perfect fit to establish a use case of how cryptocurrencies can securely and efficiently be used in commonplace financial transactions such as paying bills.”

By incorporating CoinPayments, Welto also facilitates altcoin payments in Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Crown. Welto also supports payments in bitcoin through an integration with Coinbase.

Welto is available through iTunes and Google Pay and is integrated into Amazon Echo devices.

For more information about ZenCash, the whitepaper is available.

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