Alt Thirty Six brings in Dash

Digital payments platform Alt Thirty Six will integrate digital payments currency Dash as a method of transaction between consumers, merchants, suppliers and vendors.

Based in Arizona, Alt Thirty Six’s 36 platform lets businesses accept Dash as a payment instead of incurring cash handling and card fees. Consumers using Dash at POS will not be charged.

“Through this integration, we are focused on continuous research in payments, blockchain, and digital currency to help enhance the functionality, adoption, and simplicity of accepting digital currency.” Alt Thirty Six CEO Ken Ramirez said. “The Alt Thirty Six/Dash payment platform eliminates the need for cash-related activities for businesses by using blockchain technology and Dash currency to facilitate the transfer of funds between merchants, suppliers, vendors, and customers.

“This worldwide adoption will, in turn, create faster, more secure, and reduced costs around the way businesses operate.”

“Alt Thirty Six is a tremendous asset for the Dash network because they act as an extension of the network itself – building valuable packages of easy-to-use merchant and consumer services,” Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor said. “They are also practical ‘problem-solvers’ that truly understand the legacy payment system’s pain points for specific retail segments. The platform they are building is adaptable to a wide range of business applications, and we believe Alt Thirty Six will constitute a great channel as we expand into new retail verticals.

Ryan Taylor

“These are all low-margin businesses that could benefit tremendously from lower transaction costs and the ability to reach new customers.”

Alt Thirty Six will first work in the cannabis industry where many legally compliant dispensaries will directly integrate the payments platform.

“We have several integrated partnerships already, but one of the most exciting is our close partnership with CannTrade, California’s premier cannabis specific B2B marketplace & CRM, which will deliver the first truly comprehensive and expedient banking and digital payment solution for the fastest growing industry in the world,” Mr. Ramirez said.

“Through this partnership, we will improve the chances of capturing dispensaries and expanding target users beyond dispensaries and patients to now include genetics companies, cultivators, manufacturers, edible companies, brands, and distribution companies. Being able to offer the 36 Dash platform as a solution, not only to dispensaries but to the entire cannabis business community simultaneously, is a game changer.”