Slovenia developing Blockchain vision welcomes the government-led initiative to optimize the framework for the blockchain industry.

Due to close cooperation between and government institutions and regulators, we are now able to provide legal advice to blockchain projects with a higher degree of certainty. Blockchain entrepreneurs from all over the world that work with Slovenian crypto companies can now direct their focus to develop their products and communities.

We believe that Slovenia is an ideal hub for operating a blockchain business not only because of knowledgeable regulators but also because of a pool of experienced advisors and developers, easy access to the EU and global markets, and the established blockchain companies based here, such as Iconomi, and Bitstamp. is proud to be creating a better world starting in Slovenia, a country whose government and regulators understand and acknowledge the benefits of blockchain technology. While predominantly creating new jobs for the Millennial generation which has been struggling with high unemployment since the financial crisis of 2009, government support for blockchain will also accelerate the adoption of the new technology by Slovenian blue-chip companies, subsequently creating more jobs for all generations of Slovenians and increasing tax revenues.

For a country that puts social cohesion of its citizens at the forefront, blockchain will enhance all aspects of the society: from the health system to education, to the competitiveness of its economy.

Many governments around the world have recognized the potential of the blockchain. However, only a few have made sincere steps to establish an effective framework. The Slovenian government and regulators decided to act first and talk later. Now we are ready – Slovenia as the land of startups is welcoming the global blockchain community. We believe that Slovenia is in a unique position to become one of the most desirable destinations for global blockchain startup companies.

Slovenia is an ideal hub for running a blockchain business due to its high level of legal certainty, knowledgeable regulators, easy access to the EU and global markets, and experienced advisors and developers. And last but not least, Slovenia has a vibrant crypto community which is led by blockchain companies like Iconomi, and Bitstamp. and law firm NovakRutar Law have spent the last 5 months intensively working with all the relevant Slovenian stakeholders in order to clarify numerous regulatory uncertainties, including the Securities Agency, the Financial Administration, Office for money laundering prevention, the Central Bank, Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Finance, the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and others. Due to this dialogue with stakeholders, we are now able to provide legal advice to blockchain projects with a high degree of certainty, helping blockchain businesses to operate more easily and letting entrepreneurs focus on their products and user communities. is also proud to introduce a local Slovenian project an outstanding example of blockchain utilization and regulatory compliance: DataFund.

We are delighted to announce that we will launch DataFund, a solution for personal data management in compliance with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), later this year.”

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