Anthony Di Iorio

Jaxx selected as wallet partner for StormX

StormX today announced Jaxx is the official wallet partner of its STORM token.

Jaxx users can directly participate in the STORM token sale via their wallet. Contributors can send ETH from their Jaxx wallets to the STORM token ETH address during the sale, which begins Oct. 20. Following the sale, STORM tokens will immediately appear in the Jaxx wallet

It is the first time Jaxx will help support a token from pre-sale to post-sale. Jaxx will also add STORM tokens to their app, which is available on eight platforms. Supporters can manage their own keys for STORM tokens through the Jaxx wallet app.

“Jaxx is pleased to become the official wallet sponsor of StormX, an innovator in the blockchain and adtech industries, and to offer our community a new way to participate in the token sale process,” Jaxx founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio said (Mr. Di Iorio is a StormX advisory board member).

“Decentral inc. selects the highest quality tokens for Jaxx which is why we are thrilled for the STORM token to join our existing offerings. StormX will disrupt and revolutionize the global freelance job market, creating new and unique earning opportunities for individuals.”

“StormX is honoured to collaborate with Jaxx, one of the most influential and distinguished organizations in the blockchain space, and to be its first partner for a token’s entire lifecycle, from pre-sale to post-sale wallet support,” CEO Simon Yu said. “By combining Storm Play’s 270,000 existing monthly active users with Jaxx’s 400,000, we hope to forge an incredibly strong community centred on innovation and building a new crypto-economy.

“With Jaxx’s support, StormX is increasing its value offering and strengthening its platform, allowing us to present our loyal supporters with a next-level gamified marketplace. This collaboration with Jaxx will help maximize the usefulness of our STORM tokens and solidify their value in the cryptocurrency market.”

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