Seed launches for early-stage blockchain companies

Blockchain startup training program today launched a program to help select early-stage companies get funding at a crucial development stage. Seed introduces startups to the Priority Pass community sooner so they can access seed funding before their crowdsale.

“We have selected five great startups which stood out as clear contenders to disrupt the status quo of their industries,” Seed head David Prais said. “Through Seed, we hope to give these projects early advice and insight on their product offerings to increase their chance for a successful crowdsale in the future.”

David Prais

The initial quintet are:

Aversafe is a decentralized credential verification network for employees, employers and educational institutions. Aversafe creates a secure method to confirm identities, certificates and work history, producing a faster and more thorough verification process.

BLOCKIE blends consensus-driven smart contracts and cloud computing to allow infrastructure provisioning and application deployment straight to the cloud. They will produce open source software tools allowing content producers to create and manage decentralized applications.

Legacy allows people to create digital time capsules with videos, pictures, smart property and cryptocurrencies.

MediaSifter is a news aggregator that helps readers investigate the content they consume. It decentralizes news consumption while being censorship resilient.

UNICO creates decentralized digital collectibles complete with provable digital scarcity by linking a piece of digital content to a  set number of access tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Our seed program incubates early-stage blockchain startups, while continuing to reward and engage our existing community and Priority Pass members,” cofounder and CEO Jan Isakovic said.

“A Seed project will have the opportunity to validate their business idea and raise enough funds to fully develop their product and team before introducing their offering to a wider public.”