Alipay to partner with Poynt, North American Bancard, JPMorgan Chase

Alipay announced a trio of partnerships this week.

Together with smart terminal developer Poynt they will allow 520 million Alipay users to pay with Alipay at all Poynt devices in North America.

“Given all the capabilities built into Poynt’s hardware and software, and its agnostic approach to acquirers, we will be able to deliver a truly integrated payment solution for retailers, as well as the simple payment experience our users are accustomed to,” Alipay North America president Souheil Badran said.

Souheil Badran

“We partnered with Poynt because we both share a commitment to enabling a modern commerce experience for merchants and customers alike.”

Founded by Google Wallet founder and ex-PayPal executive Osama Bedier, Poynt developed a smart terminal featuring dual touchscreens and 3G, WiFi or ethernet wireless connectivity. The newest, Poynt 5, is a handheld mobile POS device.

Alipay is also now available on North American Bancard’s (NAB) Electronic Payment Exchange processing platform through its network of gateways, terminals and mobile payment solutions.

“Alipay has realized tremendous adoption among Chinese nationals and has quickly become their preferred omnichannel payment method,” NAB president and CEO Marc Gardner said. “Our goal has always been to ensure that our merchants have every payment tool at their fingertips to attract customers both online and offline. Because of that, we are very pleased that Alipay decided to align with NAB to help enhance opportunities for merchants of all sizes, as millions of overseas customers continue to visit the U.S. every year.”

“Our priority is to ensure a safe, secure and reliable payment process for the millions of Chinese consumers who travel to North America or shop online from North America merchants,” Mr. Badran said. “Through our strong partnership with NAB, over 120,000 of NAB’s PayAnywhere merchants are now enabled with Alipay which includes best-in-class support.”

Chinese consumers can also now use their Alipay Mobile Wallet at Chase merchant clients. Alipay’s Discover function and push notifications inform customers off nearby merchant locations and let those merchants target and connect with the customers.

“We are always looking for ways to deliver more value to our merchants and bring them closer to their customers,” said Pablo Simone, head of product and strategy for Chase Merchant Services. “A relationship with Alipay would create opportunities that enable Chinese tourists to transact in a way they are familiar with.”